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Затоптать муравья не так просто, как кажется, %username%.

What i need for long time is this. Any idea where obtain 150+ USD ?

So i absolutely need this, and as always, i exactly know what i need and what i do not want in this item.

So it is:

  • Dot matrix printer.
  • Violet print color.
  • As narrow and small as possible.
  • Internal paper roll holder with translucent cover.
  • Uses two-ply self-copying paper of standard width for checks at POS.
  • New, not used.
  • Have replacement parts available, at least ink tape.
  • No proprietary interface.
  • Line feed, paper feed, and self test buttons as any other LX80-mode printer.
  • Shipping worldwide. Very slow is o.k.

What i not need:

  • Thermal printer.
  • Sheet printer.
  • A4 printer.
  • Big one.
  • Used one.
  • Insane fast shipping with cost of more than budget of my country.

The only one option on entire planet is http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121204285648

but i never have enough money for it (plus shipping to my country, gives more than 150 USD in total).

But maybe someone can send me it as a gift…