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The “RRS” Microwave link / Радиорелейная станция “РРС”

It’s just a stub now. Will be done in 1/2 to 1 year.

I make my own microwave station that suitable for use on domestic and industrial needs and has 1st grade of quality as defined in quality tests.

My station is open source and now used (as industrial OEM modules) by number of brand names since 2006. Station has 70 MHz IF interface (i.e., no digital interface except optional Ethernet SNMP); TX and RX are separate cables. But inside the place reserved, and power & I/O provided, for modem PCB for future use.

Here i will show you how to make it almost without help of proprietary software, and using many equipment (such as amplitude-frequency plotter, SWR meter) which you can make yourself also. But you still never can’t build a spectrum analyzer or frequency meter 🙁 So it should be obtained somewhere. I use cheap but very big and massive russian old (“soviet”) C4-60 and (less massive) Ch3-54 units. I do not have money for modern microwave analyzer; you know it’s cost in U.S.A, and add 100 to 250 percent to it due to insane price policies at local dealers.

There will be a lot of stuff here.

But now i only show some pics i take recently while modelling and prototyping my new main PCB for microwaves, which able to connect to OSCaR module to enable SNMP in my stations.

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Галерея 1.

Прототип новой печатной платы. Нельзя включить, ведь сделан из картона.


Gallery 1.

Looks cool. But do not turn it on. It can’t work. It’s just make from paper now.



Just another pictures, my microwave filter for RRS station, and it’s graph taken from SDEL microwave lab, which we will build yourself, because it’s easy to build and based on OSCaR PoE Ethernet modules.

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Галерея 2.

Прототип фильтра и результаты измерений


Gallery 2.

The microwave filter for RRS and graph of it when it was tuned using my SDEL (Software-defined Electronic Lab).



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