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21.12.2013, 16:20

Zabbix: How to delete hosts which physically non-existent anymore / Как удалить хосты, которые больше не существуют

In Configuration->Hosts, when you delete auto-discovered hosts from list, and delete it physically, they are will reappear due to bugs, when previous discovery rule still running. To delete these: Disable discovery rule. Clone rule to new one with other name but same internals. Disable the new rule. Wait a minute or so. Delete hosts. Enable …

06.12.2013, 04:16

What i need for long time is this. Any idea where obtain 150+ USD ?

So i absolutely need this, and as always, i exactly know what i need and what i do not want in this item. So it is: Dot matrix printer. Violet print color. As narrow and small as possible. Internal paper roll holder with translucent cover. Uses two-ply self-copying paper of standard width for checks at …

05.11.2013, 23:00

How to use Huawei Hilink E303 as serial modem (for SMS) / Настройка Huawei Hilink E303 для автоматизированной отправки SMS (из скриптов)

Warning! This is uncomplete, not well tested, nighty article. Do not use on production servers. I will add bells and whistles later. This is for those who can’t wait and want to be at bleeding edge. How to use Huawei Hilink E303 as serial modem (for SMS), when it works out-of-box as Ethernet card and …

15.07.2013, 20:47

Multi-page print from Qcad / Автоматическая разбивка на листы А4 при печати из Qcad

This solution intended to give proper page borders (boundaries) / Этот способ позволяет получить правильные ненулевые границы (зазоры) между листами.

24.09.2013, 15:09

Как правильно делать сайты. Часть 1: CSS / How to make precisely correct websites. Part 1: CSS

Рассмотрим наиболее вопиющие нарушения, средства борьбы с имеющимися стилями, и правила создания своих стилей. / I will show you most insane trends in today’s CSS composing, how to fight with mad designers products, and rules to make perfect and re-usable CSS code.