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Multi-page print from Qcad / Автоматическая разбивка на листы А4 при печати из Qcad

The epic Qcad/Librecad’s unavailability to multi-page print, lead users to find (or make) some external possibilities to do this simple and everyday task. Other tasks such as kite making, cloth prototyping, also may be solved by suggested way. Most users have only A4 printer, and sometimes have troubles to print lagre images. I try to find solution that is most simple and conforming with KISS rule.
First of all, we saw that our printer can’t print any image without empty borders. They are small, but more problem that they are not stable sometimes. So we should correct handle that fact at the time we design our QCAD drawing. Lets imagine that if we reserve 5% (in total) of both paper sheet dimensions, it will be guaranteed more than worst case of our printer non-printable border. Then make our drawing in correspondingly reduced area.
Then while printing it (to PDF, of course) we set 1.05:1 scaling factor in QCad preview. Notice that our drawing fit exactly paper sheet showed at background in QCad Preview, and centered already perfectly. Then print the file to PDF.

Open the PDF, look at its properties to ensure it looks correctly and have correct “paper” size.

Then using following command: (assuming we have A2 draft)
(idea based on http://superuser.com/questions/191373/linux-based-tool-to-chop-pdfs-into-multiple-pages)

pdftops -eps in.pdf ; poster -v -pA2 -mA4 -c2.35% in.eps > out.tps ; epstopdf out.tps

notice the output: Deciding for a scale factor of 0.9522

and then 2.35 value in command line should be agjusted to get that factor (0.9522) is exactly equal to 1/1.05 value, where 1.05 is our 5% enlagrement during QCad printing.

You get absolutely correct 1:1 dimensions in PDF file. Don’t forget then while paper printing, turn off any (auto) scaling of your printer driver.

As a bonus, you get already portrait (not landscape) result, and even with cropping marks. Ready to print!

Which of Windows software can make these perfect results? Nope! And this solution even not limited for Qcad only.

Hope it helps.

ГОСТ 2.701-2008 п. 5.3.3:
Схемы, выполняемые в электронной форме, рекомендуется выполнять однолистными с обеспечением деления этого листа при печати на необходимые форматы.



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